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Clan MTC started back in 1997 by myself and MjrMischief. It was originally a pub clan for playing Quake 2 Weapons Factory. We came up with the name Major Trouble Clan and had everyone's name as MjrM..... something, so we would look like one cohesive unit even if we didn't play like that (o_O).

Eventually we moved to Quake 3 Weapons Factory Arena around 2001. At that point we actually tried organizing the clan to play in matches, but as we were noobe's it didn't work out so well. We continued to be a pub clan throughout the next 5 years or so playing Q3 WFA. It was during this time that we met G78 (your website host), and Mech0r, the enigma of IRC. They are great persons and will be members of MTC forever.

The original members were myself, MjrMischief, and MjrMisfire. We had many others who were in the clan and played on the WFA pubs for quite a few years. A few of us also played WFUT, the Weapons Factory mod for Unreal Tournament. We had lots of fun.

We had thought we would be playing Enemy Territory and Q4 Weapons Factory Revolutions as a clan, but neither of those games took off. The way things stand now as of summer 2009, is that MjrMayhem and MjrMischief are hooked on World of Warcraft. MjrMayhem has a level 80 Gnome Mage, and MjrMischief has a level 80 Night Elf Hunter. MjrMisfire mostly plays UT3 occasionally, and G78 plays a variety of games including Battlefield Heroes.

We now use TeamSpeak and it has just made playing fps game's much more enjoyable. Also being used is Ventrilo for World of Warcraft raiding. If someone is picking on you in a game its really nice to call for backup (Or revenge Smile ...)

Many of us have played other fps's over the years, including COD, MOHAA, UT2004, Doom3, racing games such as Flatout and the Need For Speed series. We all just love playing games and enjoy the friendship and team play competition that comes from that. Most of us are computer geeks too and enjoy modding and tweaking the heck out of our rigs.

If you think you'd like to join a great group of people playing these games, just apply or message or even email one of us, or yet join our IRC channel on the enterthegame (ETG) server and say hello. Its channel #mtc Smile

"All Your Base Are Belong To MTC"

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