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Battlefield youtube blitskrieg

Bunch of interesting clip.

win10 bad for gamers

Can linux replace windows. YES!
Use Ubuntu with wine or SteamOS
Is it as fast as windows. No for now cause windows are trying to manipulate GPU and video card maker to make it exclusively with crappy directX junk instead of the openGL that prooved itself many years ago as way better on the long run.
Break the dam vase please.

Is BF3 and BF4 crap... yes.
Is BF2 and BC1 and 2 better .. yes
Author: G78 :: Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:47 am


Warface started a few years back, was glitchy and average on gameplay.

This year i found all the change to be refreshing and the gameplay pretty solid. Well almost.

There still those two reload glitch to fix.

But overall aiming at COOP first paid off for them and altho they are offering DLC and DRM, its still pretty good and free.

the steam version is bugged, install the version from their officiel website.
Author: G78 :: Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 5:03 pm


For all those thinking to buy Windows 10 for gaming.. i have 1 word for you...


Win10 is the synonym of big brother.
Its the gateway to loose all freedom.

Its the worse OS up to now that invade everything in your life witought your clear consent. After ChromeOS and IOS.

Its not even a new OS its the same engin as win7 remodded.

You want a gaming rig OS? Go get steamOS or Ubuntu with wine.
Its free, its private locked to begin with and it works.

Its really time to break the vicious cycle here.
I hope all the old school gamers will rally to this
I hope all the new school gamers will experience what true fun in games were in the past.
Enaught with the corporate crap.
Time to take back what was ours to begin with.
Dont buy win10.[/u][/i]
Author: G78 :: Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:04 am

Gaming evolving

From game console, to pc gaming, to mobile gaming, to internet gaming (firest on pc, then console, then combined), to smartphone gaming, to remote streaming gaming and now back to console gaming with a twist...

This time its a PC so not locked like conventional crappy console like x-crap, PS or WII.

Microsoft had hard years, Google topped them off of the main projector with Android. That been said Android is based on Linux. Witch means MS crap no more.

Open GL comes back ( Hallelujah )
Ubuntu is making a place for itself on the Free Os industries
And steam used all this to make is stable, strong and easy by making their own OS to show the finger to MS cause they are also fed up of the crappy driver and OS. ( also they are far from free, not like in the glorious gaming past days)

So Steam has a place for OS, streaming, console (PS only) and now they are making their own gaming gears.

This will invigorate the gaming world from the staleness of the influence of EA/Ubisoft ans so on.... Where DLC, DRM dominate strongly and slowly kills the fun each year.

Cause once again driver are acessible to ALL.
OS will be FREE
And the medium use will be a open console (basically a small form PC for dirt cheap with good component)
All the big hardware player are running to make their version of their own now. They know this is the next gen. the old conventional console will die.

The only reason why computer were left out more and more of the gaming industrie, letting the place to console was the price. It was sky hight.
But now gaming doesn't need the lastest CPU, mid range are more then enaught. Even its possible with the low end.
Hight end PC are now synonym of CGI, media editting, CAD and so on. Basically for making or modifying movie, gaming média, hi-fidelity sound editting and so on.

We hit a wall here, where latest CPU doesn't mean best gaming rig no more.

Also theres a tendancy with video gaming card where it doesn't need to be hight-end no more to be fun. Most gamer cant make the difference between the latest version of a nvidia video card and its predecessor a few months back. The difference are minimal compared to the difference we had 10 years ago. So am guessing the wall is near in gaming for that one also.

We might suspect that when VR headgear will be mainstream for gaming, there might be a need for even more powerfull video card and CPU. But for now its not the case. And from what i saw of the Occulus Rift. Player dont care to always play with it as it is tiresome for oneself more then a play LCD screen. ( That kinda makes me think of the joystick FF or the gaming chair. Altho they are cool, we still like to play a game in the confort of our living room witought element that makes it less confortable, even if they are fun and cool.)

So Steam has started something big.
we are gonna see standard console and customise one. I dunno if PS and WII will follow. But they might as well. Cause if they don't, they will die out. I dont think MS will do it, as they hate Steam right now.. lol.

We need a word to identify this new gaming gear. Because its not really a console, its more of a pc but at a console price. And its not locked and tied to a contract with a big company to be used with. Its your gaming console. You can modify it, perfect it. And they aren't any huge difference like between console and pc no more, since its a pc and both CPU and GPU wise we hit a wall in performance. So to those frame-rate wiener, stop it. Its either 60FPS and the new standard will probably be 120FPS eventually since we once again have control on the driver. Over 120 FPS the eyes barely see any diff anyway.

So heres the link to all those unbeliever who thought i was kidding in the past when i said the console will die.


Powerful Personal Small Factor Gaming Rig
Run On Unlocked Stable Open Source Drivers

We could call this SFGOSD for short. Open to better suggestion.
Author: G78 :: Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:55 am

Truth been said..


A Must read for all self respecting old school gamer.
Author: G78 :: Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:37 am

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