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Enemy Territory: Quake War Full Game Released!

The full game of ET:QW's is out now at NewEgg, Gamestop, and various other retailers.

I have the full game installed and it is fun, but takes some getting use too. It is objective based which means once an objective is complete you move onto the next one. This differs from the usual capture and hold territory mode of play that is pretty common these days.

Some brief observations:

1) Bots are pretty damn smart, even on easy. This is not a bad thing as it makes for some good gameplay.

2) Vehicle mechanics seem a bit off. Nothing too terrible but sure there will be patches to fix this.

3) Strogg seems to be a bit over powered. Frankly its easier to be a Strogg so I usually join the GDF side.

4) Big maps and lots of them. Easy to get lost so will take some time and playing to get use to where things and objectives are.

5) Some bugs: Particularly one in the search for server to play menu. Frequently only shows 1500 to 3000 people playing online (a very low number) and mostly empty servers. Hopefully a patch will fix this too. For quite a while I wondered why it seemed that no one was playing this game. Turns out its a bug, and usually there are 50,000 players, not 1500 to 3000, or so I have read. I hope this gets fixed soon as I'd like to play on servers that are more populated by real people than bots, although as I said the bots are fun too.

6) A really good medic, bot or real person, can save the day.

Overall I think its a great game with unique gameplay that takes some getting used to. If you have not bought it yet I'm sure it will be going on sale before Xmas and that might be a good time to buy.

On a scale of 1 to 5 happy faces, with 5 being the best, I'd have to give it a 4 only because of some of the bugs and gameplay adjustments that I mentioned above. Hey, nothing is perfect and its still lots of fun despite this fact. See you on the servers!

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Mayhem's Happy Face Seal of Approval!

PS: Oh, I posted some Quake War's screen shots. Feel free to check them out!
Author: MjrMayhem :: Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 12:19 pm

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo Is Out!

Finally the demo is out. I played all this evening and it is quite fun, despite it being a bit cartoony.

I hated it having a 30fps cap. There are some commands you can type in the console to fix that but they only work when you play online, doesn't seem to work when you play the bots offline. The commands are as follows:

On the main Quake Wars screen, hit ctrl, alt, tilde to bring down the console, then type the following commands:

seta com_unlockFPS 1

seta com_unlock_timingmethod 2

seta com_unlock_maxFPS 60

This raises the max fps to 60. You could also use 90 or 120 if you have powerful enough video card. On my setup using 60 my fps are mostly in the 50's at 1280 x 1024 resolution. Much better than 30 fps.

Here is link to the Enemy Territory Quake Wars website to download the demo:

Author: MjrMayhem :: Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:50 am

Blacksite: Area 51 By Midway Games

This is the sequel to Midway Game's Area 51. I liked the original Area 51 game despite the annoying jump bug it had for the PC version. This new Area 51 game should be much better at all levels (Graphics, sound, game play) as it uses the Unreal 3 game engine.

Check out the website here:


Release date is Sept 2007.
Author: MjrMayhem :: Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 12:11 pm

Mechwarrior Old school style.

For all those old school Mechwarrior fan out there (excluding Mechwarrior 3 and up witch MS implication stained the concept)

Heres a Mod that totally has my attention, hoping this turn out to be a great mod. They are using ET:QW engine and already have some interesting screenshots.

Who knows, maybe theres one for Descend style? Would'nt that be cool. Cool

Author: G78 :: Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2007 5:06 pm

BF2 new map

Highway tampa map is a recent new addition to BF2.

Personally i hate it, weak attemp from EA to try to give some life back to a majorelly hacked and buggy game. Hell most of them all are on that map right now since its new. the normal one seems to be more fun since that map came out.

Anyway for those curious and wanting to try it out, heres the link. You can also access it from the download page.
Author: G78 :: Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:45 am

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